WEET Distinguish the Positive and Negative Pole of WEET TVs Tube From the Single and Bidirectional

What is the principle of TVs tube protection: when the voltage at both ends of the tube is greater than a certain value, the TVS tube is broken down in the reverse direction, forming a conducting circuit in an instant, leading out the large current at both ends of the tube, and clamping the voltage at two sections of the tube in a fixed voltage, so as to protect the circuit in parallel with it.

WEE Technology tell you how to distinguish the positive and negative pole of WEET TVs tube from the single and bidirectional?
When the transient voltage suppression diode is in your hands, you should know the positive and negative poles and single and double directions of the product at the first time.

1) Look at the signs: TVs tube, there are unidirectional and bidirectional, one end of the unidirectional, there are thin color rings, connected to the positive pole, and two-way, there are two rings in the middle, or no sign, no polarity.
2) See the specification: generally on the first page, two-way conduction, one-way conduction.
3) Look at the model: the model name of TVs tube is regular. Most TVs tube models can see the parameters. For details, you can consult WEE Technolgoy Company Limited, a Well-known enterprise that really focuses on the research and development, production and sales of circuit protection components.
4) With the help of multimeter tools: one-way and one-way voltage, DC has avalanche breakdown characteristics; two-way voltage, DC, bidirectional symmetry.

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