WEET Transient-Voltage-Suppression (TVS) Diodes Features

Transient-Voltage-Suppression (TVS) diodes are electronic components designed to protect sensitive electronics from high-voltage transients. They can respond to overvoltage events faster than most other types of circuit protection devices, and are offered in a variety of surface mount and through-hole circuit board mounting formats.

WEET TVS Diodes can fit a wide range of circuit protection applications but were primarily designed to protect I/O interfaces in telecommunication and industrial equipment, computers and consumer electronics. Please refer to below WEET product list of Transient Voltage Suppressors.

• Low incremental surge resistance

• Uni and Bi-directional polarities available

• Reverse standoff voltage range 5 to 530V

• Surface-mount ratings 200W to 5,000W

• Axial lead ratings 400W to 30,000W (30kW)

• High current protection available up to 15kA

• AEC-Q101


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